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In preparation 1998:
The Dutch Comic Strip Museum
in Groningen

Why in Groningen?

Groningen has gained international cultural allure by means of intrepid cultural expressions and manifestations, while progressive and highly esteemed city architecture has also made an impact. The establishment ot The Dutch Comic Strip Museum in Groningen fits into this line of development and will reinforce its cultural position. Moreover, the Groningen initiators have been linked to the comic strip culture for many years; they have secured the support of all agencies and organizations in the Netherlands that are engaged in the realm of the comic strip. Finally, the Comic Strip Museum, owing to its favourable geographical situation, can direct its sights towards Northern Germany and Scandinavia and, in doing so, create a link from the traditionally stalwart comic strip countries of Belgium and France.

The Comic Strip Museum as an attraktion

Development in multi-media techniques has led to an enormous expansion of the possibilities of visualizing comic strips and image-based stories. This has increased the accesbility of comic strips substantially. Multi-media techniques will be applied in the exhibition of the standard museum collection. Virtual reality setups will allow visitors to experience the adventures of the comic heroes, and computers will enable them to create simple animated cartoons, generate visual effects and browse digitalis through comic books. The fantasy worlds of artists will be elaborated in small theme parks, under a variety of themes. Children will be able to amuse themselves in play pavilions where comic strip situations will be emulated. By means of these publicoriented presentations, the visitors will be enchanted by the extravagance and wonder that the culture of the comic strip, cartoon and illustration can provide.
The Dutch Comic Strip Museum wishes to realize a public-oriented museum, and it is fortunate enough to be founded in an age when images can be digitized.

International co-operation

Although the Dutch Comic Strip Museum will mainly restriet its own collection and acqusition to the Dutch legacy, the exihibition policy will have an international character. To profile comic strips as a cultural expression, international co-operation is both a condition and a necessity. In the future, interesting exhibitions will be exchanged on a reciprocal basis and intercontinental projects can be set up. International co-operation between comic strip museums will provide the possibility of linking digitized collections and documentation. The electronic highway enables joint products to be supplied to 'living room' visitors. The Dutch Comic Strip Museum, as a modern comic strip museum, wishes to assume leadership in the digital cooperation between the comic strip museums.

Het Nederlands Stripmuseum
is in preparation. For information write           Postbus 1528, 9701 BM Groningen, Holland
                      You can also phone or fax          Tel. (050) 3112046, fax. (050) 3138358                                                                                          

Herma Hekkema & Max van Roy:
Gebound in Verbeelding.
Het Nederlands Stripmuseum.

XENO, Groningen, 1997.

In this book artists
Theo van den Boogard
Hanco Kolk
Jan Kruis
Henk Kuijpers
Don Lawrence
Martin Lodewijk
Dick Matena
Lorenzo Mattotti
Peter Pontiac
Frans Le Roux
Peter de Smet
& Francois Schuiten
shows how they imagine the coming
Stripmuseum in Holland.

Extracts from the book:

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The Dutch Comic Strip Museum imagined by Henk Kuijpers

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The Dutch Comic Strip Museum imagined by Francois Schuiten

Address 2005:

Het Nederlands Stripmuseum
Westerhaven 7,
9718 AC Groningen
Tel.  050-3178470, Fax. 050-3178471